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Question: As the United States becomes more dependent on technology, is the American Dream possible for everyone? Do Americans have equal access to technology and education?

06 Dec 2023,6:00 PM


As the United States becomes more dependent on technology, is the American Dream possible for everyone? Do Americans have equal access to technology and education?

Your Task: Read the four texts closely. Then, using evidence from at least two texts to write a well-developed argument discussing equal access to technology and education. Establish your claim. Then distinguish your claim from opposing claims. Use relevant evidence from at least two of the sources to develop your argument. Do not simply summarize each text or information in the graphic.


Establish your claim and write a clear thesis regarding equal access to education and technology.
Distinguish your claim from alternate or opposing claims
Use specific, relevant, and sufficient evidence from at least two of the sources
Identify each source that you reference by text number and line number(s) or graphic (for example: Text 1, line 4 or Text 2, line 16, Graphic 1)
Organize your ideas in a cohesive and coherent manner
Maintain a formal style of writing
Follow the conventions of standard written English

Text 1 - Technology Inequality
Text 2 - Equal Education
Text 3 - Eric’s American Dream
Graphic 1 - Political Cartoon



The relationship between technology, the American Dream, and equal access to opportunities is complex and multifaceted. While technology has the potential to create opportunities and bridge gaps, it can also exacerbate existing inequalities. Let's explore some key aspects of this issue:

  1. Access to Technology:

    • There is a digital divide that exists in the United States. Not all Americans have equal access to technology, such as computers and high-speed internet. This can create disparities in educational and economic opportunities.
    • Rural areas, low-income communities, and certain demographic groups may face challenges in accessing and affording the necessary technology for education and work.
  2. Education Disparities:

    • Disparities in the education system can affect the realization of the American Dream. Some schools, particularly those in low-income areas, may lack resources, qualified teachers, and access to technology.
    • Students who do not have equal access to quality education may struggle to develop the skills needed for success in a technology-driven economy.
  3. Job Market and Economic Disparities:

    • The evolving job market increasingly demands technological skills. Those who lack access to technology and relevant education may find it difficult to compete for high-paying jobs, contributing to economic disparities.
    • Some argue that technology can also lead to job displacement, as automation and artificial intelligence may replace certain jobs, potentially widening economic gaps.
  4. Entrepreneurship and Innovation:

    • Technology has facilitated entrepreneurship and innovation, offering new opportunities for individuals to pursue their version of the American Dream.
    • However, not everyone has equal access to the resources and networks necessary to start a business or engage in innovative endeavors.
  5. Policy and Initiatives:

    • Government policies and initiatives can play a crucial role in addressing disparities. Efforts to improve broadband infrastructure, invest in education, and promote inclusive technology access can contribute to a more level playing field.

In conclusion, while technology has the potential to advance the American Dream, challenges such as unequal access to technology and education must be addressed to ensure that opportunities are available to all. Policy interventions, community initiatives, and a collective commitment to inclusivity can help mitigate these disparities and foster a more equitable society.

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