Helping the world grow since 2012
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Helping the world grow since 2012
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1What do I need to know as I join the company?
Please understand that we are very serious about the success of your submissions, which means our representatives will review the following BIG FAULTS carefully: Late submission - Late submission without approval will result in a penalty and harm your reliability. Plagiarism and fraud - Directly copy without quotes. -> Paraphrase without correct citations. -> Create contents that do not exist in the listed sources. ->Use outside sources that are not permitted. Off topic and extremely low quality write something completely off the requirements or miss a significant part in the requirements. ->Keep summarizing sources without independent analysis/discussion integrated (VERY COMMON). ->Repeat the same content again and again to intentionally meet the word length requirement. The purpose for us to implement this policy is to ensure that every writer can treat orders CAREFULLY and minimize the time consuming revisions for BIG FAULT. We will not deduct anything for moderate or minor revision requests if they can be completed appropriately. Tips: Review order instructions carefully, and regulate and improve your writing behavior. You will realize success by following instructions strictly, respecting deadlines, and maintaining smooth and prompt communication with customers and support representatives.
1How do I receive my earnings?
Earnings will be dispersed via PayPal, Bank, or MPesa. Ensure you payment details are correct to avoid delays or any other inconveniences.
1How do order payments work?
Earnings will be processed any time upon request provided your balance exceeds $50. Ensure your payment details are submitted on time and correctly.