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Question: Case Study Chapter 15: Within four months, the new nursing staffing pattern had been launched. Data excerpted from the quality

21 May 2023,10:03 PM


Within four months, the new nursing staffing pattern had been launched. Data excerpted from the quality indicators report presented to the board can be seen in the “2nd Quarter” column of table 15.1. After reviewing the data presented by the nurse administrator, the new board member was very concerned and decided to ask if the values in the quality report, which show a negative trend, were for the nursing units with the new nursing staffing patterns. The administrator reported that there was a direct correlation. This answer initiated discussion among other board members who were accustomed to using quality indicators in their businesses. This was the first substantive board-level discussion that the new board member had seen. One board member wanted to know whether any data had been gathered from patient focus groups. Another board member asked whether the average length-of-stay data had increased, and someone else asked about a cost–benefit analysis of the new staffing patterns. Following the usual process, the chair called for approval of the report and presentation of the next item on the agenda.

Case Study Questions

1.  What changes or patterns do you see in the data? What remedies might be suggested for any problems?

2.  Has the CEO carried out his or her responsibility for educating the board? Why or why not?

3.  Depending on the answer to question 2, what strategies would you recommend at this point?

4.  What quality data should be reported and utilized by this board of directors?

5.  Given this administration’s style and leadership approach, do you think the minutes of the board meeting reflect actual board meeting discussions?

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