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Copyright Policy

26 Sep 2022,5:04 PM



At Apax Researchers, we esteem the rights of others to own intellectual property rights. Likewise, we expect that everyone visiting our site will equally respect our rights.

Even as we strive to offer content that aligns with the latest pedagogy, we wish to remind you that our content is not designed to replace learning, but to support it. Therefore, use our platform responsibly. Misusing our platform could result in temporal or permanent ban. Additionally, your misuse of our site by submitting content to your school could compromise academic integrity. Read more about our academic integrity policy by visiting our Honor Code.

As a company that respects the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we take cases of infringement with the seriousness they deserve. Therefore, we will promptly respond to any report that content published on Apax Researchers or its other affiliate sites infringes on anyone’s intellectual rights.

Be informed that Apax Researchers can submit details of the person infringing our intellectual rights or those of other people to the relevant authorities. In addition, we reserve the right to permanently ban all accounts where this infringement occurs.

Notice of Copyright Infringement

In case you own content or are authorized to own or manage such on behalf of another person, and realizes infringement of the said content, you are free to contact us with the information of your claim. Please fill out the Copyright Infringement Form here. Alternatively, you can send us an email through

When filing a copyright complain using any of the mentioned methods, please include the following:

Your contact information

Complete details about the copyrighted work you find to be infringed.

Proof of authority to manage the infringed content in the instances where you work for another content owner.

Our web address that shows your material was illegally and procedurally published.

A sworn statement confirming you have no malice about the complaint and that you are aware the publisher is not the rightful owner of the property.

A sworn statement confirming the accuracy of your complaint and that you are the authorized individual to handle the content or the actual owner.


If, by any chance, you believe that an infringement notice against you is unfair and improper, you are welcome to send a counter-notice to us through the same contact details provided in the preceding section.


While these FAQs could help you get answers to most of your questions, they do not represent the accurate legal standing. Therefore, please engage your legal counsel to help you understand some of the areas that remain unclear on this matter.

Why Was My Posting Removed?

In case you find your posting was removed, it could be that the copyright owner sent a take-down request.

If you still want to know more about the details surrounding the removal of your posting, kindly engage the copyright owner directly. You can do that that using the contact information included in the email we send you when explaining the removal. Alternatively, you can contest the removal by sending us a counter-notice, as advised earlier.

Can I Repost Material That You Have Removed?

No, you cannot. Reposting content removed on copyright infringement basis is totally unacceptable. If you have genuine reasons to believe that the action was done maliciously or erroneously, please contact us using the recommended procedures.

Note carefully that persistent infringement could lead to severe actions, including but not limited to account banning and/or suspension.

Can I Copy Portions of Textbooks and Include Them in My Postings to Apax Researchers Sites?

Apax Researchers does not allow you to duplicate or copy, either in portion or entirety, copyrighted materials in your postings unless with direct permission of the copyright owner. Apax Researchers blocks or removes postings with copyrighted works, including but not limited to textbooks and teachers’ guides.

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