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Assessing and Treating Patients With Sleep/Wake Disorders

A 31-year-old male patient is the focus of the current case study because he has trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.  It's been approximately six months since the patient lost her fiancé, and he's having trouble going asleep. But the problem does not end there. The patient claims to have fell asleep in the middle of the day at work. When he unintentionally injured his knee, he became addicted to opioids, according to his medical history. In addition, the patient admits to regularly consuming alcohol before going to bed in order to enable him sleep. Previously, the patient tried a number of sleep aids but was miserable as a result of the side effects. No hallucinations have been reported by the patient. The man also says he has never had suicidal or homicidal thoughts. He appears alert and focused, according to the results of the mental examination. He's dressed appropriately and is at the proper location, at the correct time, for the correct event. ... [Show More]

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