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Medical Analysis of Women with Bipolar

Our case study subject is a 26-year-old female with an acute onset of mania who needed hospitalization who appears to fit this description. The patient is conscious and alert of the environment, including people, places, times, and events. She's dressed strangely for her appointment, since she's wearing what seems like an evening gown. Speech is short, strained, and disjointed. Mood assessment indicates euthymic feelings. The patient denies experiencing visual or auditory hallucinations, and there are no obvious signs of delusional or paranoid thinking. The ability to make sound judgments is still intact, but insight has been severely hampered. She denies having suicidal or homicidal thoughts at this time. She scores 22 points on the Young Mania Rating Scale (YMRS). Many people with mental illness are stigmatized, which increases the severity of their illness and limits their capacity to function normally in society and at work. There are several elements that might affect the patient's pharmokinetic and pharmacodynamic processes. These factors will be compared to the recommendations offered in each scenario, as well as the ethical implications of therapy. ... [Show More]

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