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Question: Doordash: In Search of Profitability: Case Study Analysis Methodological Model

07 Mar 2023,4:51 PM


  1. Identification of the CASE Problem (2 paragraphs)                           10 Points
    1. What is the main challenge and or issue in this case?                       (6 points)
    2. Why is this the main issue?  What is the proof?                         

Where is the evidence?

    1. What are the peripheral (secondary) challenges                                   (4 points)

and or issues in this case? Why?  How do they relate

to the main challenge?


  1. Situational Analysis (1 page maximum)                                                 20 Points

In written report format, NOT point form.

    1. Strengths  - Internal Analysis (5 points)
    2. Weaknesses - Internal Analysis (5 points)
    3. Opportunities - External Analysis (5 points)
    4. Threats - External Analysis (5 points)


  1. Possible Alternatives for a Solution          (4 to 8 sentences)                               20 Points

            At least 4 alternatives must be identified of which they must be                 (5 points per alt)

      practical, affordable, and realistic.

      If there is a need to spend capital where will the capital come from?

      If there is a need for additional human resources how will that happen?


  1. Analysis of Alternatives (4 to 8 sentences & Appendix)                            20 Points

            Must be at analyzed both objectively and subjectively.                            (5 points per alt)

            An objective analysis includes the use of a MATRIX and parameters.

Evaluation metrics include, Risk, ROI (matrix & calcs in appendix),

Control, and Practicality.

            A subjective analysis represents expert opinion or professional judgment.           

            A strong analysis always includes some degree of financial management.


  1. Recommendations (1/2 to 3/4 page)                                                          20 Points

            Based on your analysis one alternative should stand out as being

            superior in comparison to the others.  This alternative should be your

            candidate within the recommendation set.  Must speak to how the

            recommendation set fits with your analysis. How will this

            recommendation set solve the main problem?


  1. Implementation (1/2 page & Appendix)                                                 10 Points

            Identify how the recommendation set will get put into play.

            Identify specific resource allocation. 

Who, what, where, when and why (3 points)?

Need timelines (3 points), budgets (3 points),

contingency plans (1 points), etc.

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