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Honor Code

25 Sep 2022,11:29 AM



Why We Have an Honor Code

Apax Researchers' standards go beyond and surpass those of other companies. Our goal is not just to serve you when you come to us. On the contrary, we have a long-term plan to ensure your educational goals are realized. We do this by establishing a connection between you and the few excellent and top-class tutors from industrialized countries. These professionals possess the requisite knowledge to impact your life and share their academic resources with you. In addition, we integrate technology into your learning experience by providing video-based tutoring, which you can access at any time. In addition, we have in-person tutoring, which factors in your individual needs and ensures personalized services. Use our learning guides and materials to improve your learning because that is what drives us. We want to see you succeed. Therefore, we will maintain our commitment to high academic standards and protect all the resources we offer online to ensure you and many others like you benefit from them. 

We realize that nearly all users who visit Apax Researchers use the site for the intended purpose. However, it is important to be sure of that. Therefore, we request that you and everyone who visits our site start by registering and confirming their knowledge and adherence to our terms and conditions. This confirmation shows that you and other users agree to abide by our Honor Code. In addition, we frequently require students to confirm their agreement and compliance with our Honor Code whenever placing new tutoring services on our site.

Our Honor Code

When you come to our site, we assume you agree to use it under the following terms and conditions, which reflect our honor code. 

  • You understand and accept that Apax Researchers is primarily a platform for learning services, and users must use it solely.
  • Apax Researchers does not support or offer to help with homework assignments. Doing so contradicts our honor code, and violating parties may be banned.
  • Professional tutors working at Apax Researchers shall not promise or pledge to help to produce or sell college papers, such as theses, essays, dissertations, or any other work used in college settings for you.
  • You agree not to submit any work you obtain from our site to your school for marking, whether that learning institution is a college, high school, or university.
  • All our users are expected to uphold academic integrity and avoid all activities that lower the value of education. For that reason, any person caught utilizing Apax Researchers for cheating or stealing someone else’s content shall face severe consequences for their violation. For clarity’s sake, we consider the misuse of our site to include but not limited to:
  • Copying content from our site and presenting it as your own despite the apparent theft.
  • Uploading work stolen or borrowed from another person and disguising it as your own for whatever reasons.
  • Enlisting Apax Researchers' tutors to work on your class assignments despite your professor’s warning against contracting writing agents or agencies.
  • Committing or promising to help a student do class papers either for free or at a fee.
  • Requesting users to help with your class assignments that will earn credit in class.
  • Accepting requests to prepare, write, or complete college papers or assignments that another person will use for class-related performance ratings. 
  • Apax Researchers also bars you from using our platform in a way that compromises academic integrity, your school’s policy on academic ethics, and/or your professor’s guidance or instructions. 
  • Failing to acknowledge Apax Researchers as your source when presenting information derived from our resources.

Possible Punitive Action

  1. If we receive evidence of a violation, we can ban the violating users and report them to their respective institutions if they are students.
  2. We will issue a take-down notice immediately.

Our Position on Cheating

We have a strict position on cheating, and this is why you, too, should never cheat.

  • You risk the loss of grades or compulsion from university. Some institutions deduct your marks or send you away for good!
  • Cheating means you will never learn anything by yourself.
  • You contribute to the erosion of educational value.
  • Your professor will most likely notice you cheated
  • You will be caught sooner than you think. 

Our Commitment to Academic Integrity

Apax Researchers upholds academic integrity and strives to ensure its users understand and adhere to this policy. We, therefore, wish to reiterate that:

  1. Our learning services do not in any way act as a substitute, but as complementary, to learning. We offer supplementary help by providing continuous 24/7 support assistance, plagiarism-checker tools to help students avoid plagiarism, exam prep, and flashcards.
  2. Students should use our services to enhance their learning, not to replace it.
  3. The services offered on our platform are meant to prepare students to pass, not cheat, during exams. Using our guides to answer online tests or copying answers during exams is cheating and undermines education. 

Denial of Service.

Apax Researchers has the right to deny any user its services due to but not limited to:

  1. Consistent and intentional abuse of the site
  2. Lack of verifiable documents for tutoring.
  3. For other reasons that the company feels are justified. 


We are open to receiving your feedback on your usage of our site and where you believe we should improve. Send your suggestions to We will be glad to help and respond promptly. Please note that the response time may be influenced by other factors, such as similar requests received at the same time as yours, staffing constraints, and other unseen challenges. All the same, we will strive to address your concerns within the shortest time possible. 

Process of Requesting an Honor Code Investigation

  • School officials, including but not limited to professors of a particular college or university, may request Apax Researchers to initiate an honor-code investigation.
  • Such requests must be submitted through proper channels and will be subjected to a verification process before being acted upon. This means that Apax Researchers may require the requesting parties to prove their identity.
  • Once verification is done, the request shall be acted upon promptly.
  • Apax Researchers shall provide details needed, including but not limited to the date and time a question was posted.

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