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Helping the world grow since 2012
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None of our services have been declared illegal by any educational institution and are, by all definitions, LEGAL. We encourage you to be free while using our products:

  • To get more information about a particular subject
  • As a mockup when  writing your paper
  • To understand referencing and get credible sources for your paper

It is on these grounds that we would like to restore your faith in engaging Apax Researchers. We promise you the highest grades and scores — but only through legal and ethical means. Apax Researchers does not endorse creating essays that you can directly submit for grading. We are just here to facilitate your study and ease your revision.
Is it considered cheating when you read and use journals and articles? Is it considered cheating when you apply the changes that your tutor suggests in your dissertation drafts? No, because you are only using them to ensure your work meets your institution’s academic standards.

Eventually, you come out with an acceptable level of essay or dissertation. On the same note, papers that you get from Apax Researchers serve the same purpose as the journals and articles that function to improve your work. They serve to show you what you need to know about academic writing and help you understand the general standards of essays and dissertations that could give you a higher score regardless of your institutional requirements.
At Apax Researchers, we are committed to the utmost standards of academic integrity and do not engage in any unethical or immoral educational practices. Note that it is unethical to turn in papers that you have not done yourself, and you could face dire consequences from your institution.

You should consider Apax Researchers’ products just like the rest of academic sources, but one that is of high relevance to your study and particular assignments. In some instances, you could:

  • We are utterly intolerant of plagiarism,
  • We do not endorse plagiarizing of our essays,
  • We do not write assignments on your behalf, and,
  • We want to make you aware of the dire consequences you may face if you submit a paper written by someone as your work.
  • Make use of the reference list provided to find appropriate journals that will facilitate your further research into the topic.
  • Note and replicate the essay structure and format it into your own.
  • Understand the interconnection between different themes, which induces coherence and flow into your work.
  • Understand the depth of discussion required for your work by noting elements of critical analysis in our essays.
  • Make the essay an overall impression of the end product you would like to submit for high academic achievement.
  • Write certain parts of the essay in your own words. Take care not to paraphrase the whole essay and submit as your work because that would be tantamount to plagiarism. Writing particular sections in your own words will improve your engagement with the topic and your understanding of the concepts.
  • Critique the essay to help you come up with better arguments and more viewpoints for your own essay.
  • Use our essay to understand the basics of writing a good essay like formatting, referencing (including in-text citations), and grammar.