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Privacy Policy

26 Sep 2022,5:30 PM



Welcome to Apax Researchers, and thank you for taking the time to review Apax Researchers’ (Apax Researchers", “we,” “us,” or “our) privacy that guides internet services at URL ("Site") and our mobile applications (“Apps”). On this Privacy Policy page, you will find all the details that guide our policies regarding handling personal information. 

Information Collection and Use

Personal Information We Collect:

You will not be asked to submit any personal details when visiting our site at any time.

However, we may collect your personal information when you choose to open an account on our site or mobile application. The collection method involves YOU entering your details on a registration form, which reflects the details on our end. Typically, the registration or submission form contains various fields that require you to enter your identifying information, such as the name, photo, desired username, and email address, through which we shall communicate with you from time to time. These same details are collected from you when and if you take part in any of our surveys. However, users who wish to join our platform as users will be required to provide their driver’s license number. In addition, we collect details you leave on any discussion forums on our blogs. It is important to note that we own everything you choose to leave on our platforms or apps. Therefore, please note that we will collect all information about you even when you contact us to make inquiries or request any other information. The specific information we collect, as stated before, includes your email address, name, and other details you choose to send us. All the details are also included in our Terms of Use

Aggregate Information We Collect

Please note that we also cooperate with third parties who help us track details that help us in our business activities, although such information does not contain identifying data. A case in point is when you choose to use our site. We will collect details about your IP address and browser. After this, we assign you a random number, which helps identify you whenever you visit our site. 

How We Use Information:

Our reasons for collecting and using your information vary but are all legal. For example, we use your personal information to understand your needs better and respond to them accordingly. Therefore, when you use our apps or sites, we take the opportunity to learn from you so we can make our relationship more mutually beneficial. Additionally, we use the information we get from you to prevent fraudulent activities against our companies. In other cases, your information helps us detect security breaches that may compromise our systems or affect you. It is also through data collection that we avoid illegal activities. The data further ensures that we send you marketing information regarding our products and services. On this one, please note that you are at liberty to opt out at any time. 

Children's Privacy

As a responsible company, Apax Researchers realizes the need to protect children from online activities that may harm them. Since we may not distinguish the age of users, we advise parents to help us by ensuring that their children do not access our site. Most of the content on Apax Researchers is unhelpful for anyone below 16 years. Anyone below this age should avoid leaving personal information on our site. 

Cookies and Online Tracking

To be clear, our site, like many other online platforms, utilizes cookies when collecting information with the sole aim of improving users’ experience. Cookies are usually stored in a user’s folder but do not necessarily reveal other identifying details stored in a computer. Like other companies, we use cookies to track your behaviors online so we can better understand your needs. Therefore, when you come to our site, the system assigns you a particular cookie that helps track your activities on our site. You visit to learn more about how cookies work. At Apax Researchers, our cookie usage culture involves monitoring users’ activities for some time without responding to the Do Not Track (DNT) signals. Please note that intercom and other external service providers may use their cookies on our site, meaning they, too, could track your activities. Ordinarily, cookies collect information about the sites that users visit and the behavior observed on those websites. External parties may use the data they collect about you through our site for marketing purposes, analytical work, or performance-related analysis. In the end, data collected by third parties is for the same purpose of improving user experience. 

Social Plugins on Our Site

When browsing through our site or apps, you may notice social media plugins or icons. This means that you can access your social media account via our site or app. If you see a LinkedIn button, it means that you will be directed to the sign-in page upon clicking. Likewise, a Twitter or Facebook button guides you to the login page, where you can enter your details. Please note that these social plugins contain cookies that connect your accounts with the site and share your information between the two servers. When you choose to use these plugins, you are agreeing to abide by the privacy policies of those respective networks. 


Since we work with other parties to assist you when you request services from us, we, from time to time, share your details with other entities. However, the information shared is meant to help us serve you better, meaning that third vendors and other service providers will not be allowed to access data that they do not need to serve us. Due to the intricate nature of our cooperation with other agencies, they will see the data you share with us when you participate in a survey, send a question or answer queries. The specific details the other agencies will see will include your name, username, profile photo, and answer if you are providing feedback to a query. Agencies do not see your photo or username when you send us a private message, although your answer remains available on search engines. Accepting a question opens the platform for communication between a tutor and a client. The data collection procedures on external web services are subjected to the same terms as described in these terms of service document. Kindly note the circumstances under which we may access, store, and reveal your details. First, if such a decision is necessitated by an order from law enforcers, subpoenas, or court orders. Second, if Apax Researchers wants to enforce its Terms of Use or other agreements shared here. Third, disclosure and storage are justified when the need to protect our rights and safety, or yours as well. Having said this, please rest assured that Apax Researchers does not and cannot sell your data to third parties for whatever reasons, but we may transfer the same to a successor or in case of mergers and consolidation by another organization. The same transfer could occur in case the company enters bankruptcy. 


Apax Researchers uses technology that matches one used by other firms operating in the same industry. The use of such technologies is solely meant to keep your data safe, prevent loss, and forbid illegal access by other parties. The company uses other tactics, including but not limited to passwords and encryptions, to protect you.

Information Protection Policy

The password you set on our site is critical in keeping your information confidential since it is anonymous, although it remains on our servers. Again, we reiterate that information collected is meant to give you a better experience.

Privacy and Honor Code Violations

Students who come to our site agree to abide by the values of our Honor Code. Apax Researchers cannot be held liable for violations of the said code. A user whose details become compromised as a result of violating the Honor Code cannot make any claims or pretend to hold Apax Researchers liable since the said user deliberately violated the company’s Terms of Service. 

Privacy Policy Updates

Given the dynamics of the industry, Apax Researchers may choose to amend this Policy. When such needs arise, we will send you an email message informing you of the same. After that, we will proceed to upload the updated Policy on the site ( as well as in all our apps for easy access. You will also see from the apps and site a message confirming the update. The newly updated Policy will also contain details about data collection methods and uses. By continuing to use our site, you will be confirming that you agree to abide by the changes.  

Updating or Deleting Personal information

Should you see the need to remove or edit some of the information you send us, we allow you to do that. Just log in to your account and make the necessary changes. Minors below 18 who may have unknowingly provided their details can request us to remove the details via

Data Deletion Instructions

If, for any reason, you see the need to delete your account on our site, we will be glad to help. Send us your request using or by contacting one of our chat agents.


In case you have any questions about this Policy, contact us through this email:


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