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Refund Policy

26 Sep 2022,5:56 PM



While we remain committed to high engagements with you to ensure satisfaction, we also retain the discretion concerning refunds. Once you report our services to be unsatisfactory, we will review your request to determine its eligibility. Apax Researchers cannot and does not issue refunds when it is evident that a tutor completed your work according to the instructions. As a company founded on the principle of fairness, it would be unfair to refund money for a task completed in strict adherence to instructions. You can help us make this determination on whether you deserve the refund by sending us all the files, screenshots, and everything else you consider necessary, after which we will make a fair decision. 

We Will Typically Grant Refunds to Students for:

A student will receive a refund based on the following considerations:

Low quality from a tutor (be ready to provide evidence)

When a significant part of work remains incomplete.

Answers whose deadline is way overdue

Plagiarized content (provide proof)

Incomplete answers to your question

Unprofessional behavior from a tutor

When no one is available to offer you help 

Refunds Are Not Granted for:

A student is not eligible for a refund if:

He or she uses our Auto-Match feature to assign a task to the wrong tutor. Our Auto-Match feature allows you to select the writer you consider the best for your task. You can select whether to use or avoid using the feature. However, questions with a deadline of 12 hours or less are automatically assigned the Auto-Match feature because it helps get the right tutor for your question. If you do not want to use this feature, please utilize the invite feature, which allows you to engage a tutor before uploading your question.

A student buys answers from a highly rated tutor, and the communication between the two shows satisfaction with the work. If you find a tutor who did not answer your question accordingly, please contact us so we can help.

A student posts a question more than once and chooses a tutor to complete the duplicates.

A student makes a claim of poor quality without evidence or if the said quality is not excessively low. To avoid disappointment, we advise you choose highly ranked tutors since their quality is already proven. Treat all tutors with respect and acknowledge fees promptly for a productive engagement. 

Refunds Procedures and Original Payment Method

Once a refund is deemed justified, Apax Researchers sends in the form of credit

Our customer service team is available to assist in refunding your money to your original payment method.

Our team handles each refund request individually. 

How We Make Decisions for Refund Request:

You can help us serve you better in terms of refunds by providing as many details as possible. Your appeal will be easier to resolve if you attach evidence of poor quality, including but not limited to screenshots and original instructions. It is easier to get a refund if you post this evidence in the conversation board because the QAD team can see everything needed to make a determination. Unfortunately, we cannot issue a refund if you do not provide all the evidence on the conversation page. This stance is informed by the principle of fairness, which compels us to pay our tutors as long as they have worked on your question while at the same time ensuring you get value for your money. Therefore, please cooperate with us so we can serve you better. 

Students should review the answer provided by the tutor within 3 days because the system auto-sends the payment to the expert. If satisfied with the answer, a student needs to release the money to the tutor. Please avoid releasing the money to a tutor if you have not received the answer and if you are dissatisfied. It is impossible to issue a refund after the money is released either by you or by the system. 

Ensuring specificity in your instructions. Let the tutor know exactly what you need. This way, we can ensure that the tutor adheres to the instructions and receives the appropriate measures in case of deviation. Failing to offer clear instructions complicates our ability to resolve a case fairly because tutors demand payments for completing your work. However, specific instructions make disputes easy to solve and refunds faster to issue.

All Payments Are Final

Your payment becomes final the moment you or the tutor selected confirms the question. 

Be quick to request a refund if the answer provided by a tutor does not meet your expectations. Make this request after the question’s deadline. Remember that Apax Researchers releases the money for a question as soon as you confirm it. Therefore, take time to confirm the answer meets your expectations. As mentioned, Apax Researchers cannot issue refunds for payments already released to tutors. It is unfortunate, but if you submit a refund request after confirming your answer, the company has no way to recover the money from the said tutor. Therefore, take our advice and confirm all answers before confirming them and releasing the money. 

Subscription Cancellations. 

Remember that you are at liberty to retain or cancel your Library subscription at any time. This cancelation does not affect your access to our website. You will continue accessing all our services until your billing period ends. Credits and refunds are not available for membership periods. In case you want to cancel your billings, please log in to your account and follow the easy prompts. 


We commit to ensuring that students who visit our site are satisfied with the services we offer here. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all the resources in the Q&A feature will be helpful. Since we have a duty to our tutors, we cannot make refunds in certain conditions. These include:

A case where it becomes evident that a student’s refund request rate is higher.

A situation where the quality of the answer a tutor submits is confirmed to be of reasonable high quality. 

If a tutor does not offer a full answer to a question but addresses the major parts of a question in a high-quality manner and within the agreed timeline.

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