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Tutor Payment

26 Sep 2022,9:10 PM




Commissions at Apax Researchers are subject to change due to market-related factors. At Apax Researchers, the commissions stand at a minimum of 40%, which helps us run the site and ensure customer satisfaction.

Note: Newly approved tutors get about 50% commission until they solve 10 problems or after withdrawing their earnings of 10 problems.

Withheld Payments

Apax Researchers can cancel or withhold payments from users who violate our terms of service. Our team monitors users’ behaviors and conduct investigations when violations occur. Our company, at its discretion, can initiate legal proceedings against a tutor, student, or user who violates our terms of service. At Apax Researchers, we consider the following actions violations of our terms:


Using our promotion programs to award yourself.

Persistent charge-back requests

The use of stolen credit cards when ordering services from our site

Using Apax Researchers’ credit-accumulation feature in unethical way

Fake Sessions/Abuse of The Platform:

Trying to act as a student and tutor at the same time

Plagiarizing content

A mismatch of your question and answer

Using fake questions and answers.

NOTE: Apax Researchers requires tutors to provide their answers for a particular question on the specific order page. Failing to do this is leads us into interpreting that you did not offer the requested help.


Exchanging emails for unethical purpose other than helping with the posted question

Trying to use the platform to get students

NOTE: Apax Researchers does not release payments to tutors who use the platform to poach students. We could also ban such accounts without possibility of reinstatement.

Payment Withdrawals

The company does not keep money that remains unwithdrawn for more than 2 years

By using our platform, tutors agree that their unwithdrawn money that lasts 2 years will be forfeited. Therefore, make withdrawals as soon as you can.

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