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Question: Unexplained Wealth Orders in the UK: Is an effective weapon against ‘dirty money’?

09 Oct 2022,12:06 AM


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7. Unexplained Wealth Orders in the UK: An effective weapon against ‘dirty money’?


Expert answer


The article discusses unexplained wealth orders (UWOs) in the UK and their effectiveness in combating money laundering. UWOs are a new tool that has been introduced to allow authorities to seize assets from individuals who have not been able to explain how they acquired their wealth. The article cites several examples of individuals who have had their assets seized under the UWO regime.


Overall, the article argues that UWOs are an effective weapon against money laundering and that they should be used more extensively. It remains to be seen, however, whether UWOs will be effective in tackling the wider problem of dirty money.



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