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Question: Why do the principals of Arundel Partners think they can make money buying movie sequel rights?

08 Oct 2022,10:25 PM


Please answer the following questions:

1. Why do the principals of Arundel Partners think they can make money buying movie sequel rights? Why do the partners want to buy a portfolio of rights in advance rather than negotiating film-by-film to buy them?
2. Estimate the per-film value of a portfolio of sequel rights such as Arundel proposes to buy. [There are several ways to approach this problem, all of which require some part of the dataset in Exhibits 6-9. You may find it helpful to consult the Appendix, which
explains how these figures were prepared.]
3. What are the primary advantages and disadvantages of the approach you took to valuing the rights? What further assistance or data would you require to refine your estimate of the rights’ value?
4. What problems or disagreements would you expect Arundel and a major studio to encounter in the course of a relationship like that described in the case? What contractual terms and provisions should Arundel insist on?
Please fully utilize the information given in the case to support your argument. You should not need to use any outside information. Please state and justify all major assumptions used in your estimation.

Expert answer


The principals of Arundel Partners believe that they can make money buying movie sequel rights because the movie industry is a very stable and profitable industry. For example, the Disney company has been making movies since 1923 and has been very successful. In addition, sequels tend to do very well at the box office, so there is a lot of potential for profits. The principals of Arundel Partners have a lot of experience in the movie industry, so they know how to pick which movies will be successful. They also have a lot of connections, so they can get good deals on the rights to sequels.

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