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Question: An Entrepreneurial Venture Analysis and Comprehensive Evaluation

22 May 2024,6:29 AM


Consider an entrepreneurial venture known to you either from the materials or from your own experience.

a) Prepare a Word Document (40) that addresses the following:

Describe the venture’s entrepreneurial lifecycle and analyse its experience in terms of the concepts described in the EIM course. The analysis should be carried out in terms of the concepts described in topics 1, 2, 3 and 6 of the programme. Topic 1 concepts relate to the stages of the entrepreneurial life cycle (i.e. business opportunities, ideation and testing, business model generation, resource acquisition, management and execution). Topic 2 concepts are of identification and assessment of business opportunities. Topic 3 covers the concepts, frameworks and tools for turning ideas into products or services, measuring the customer response, and learning from this loop. Topic 6 concepts relate to effectuation and stages for funding a start-up. Participants can also use content from other sources related to the concepts studied in topics 1, 2, 3 and 6. Word count: 1,500 +/- 10%. (ILO: L1, L2).


b) Prepare a PowerPoint (PPT - 60) presentation and a video addressing the following: Describe your chosen venture’s business model using the Business Model Canvas. Identify the business model’s strengths and weaknesses. Identify a challenge or opportunity for improvement in the venture described. Develop a proposal for improvement in response to this, utilising formal concepts from topics 4, 5, 7 and 8. Topic 4 concepts and frameworks relate to the business model innovation process. Topic 5 covers technological concepts and trends that enable new innovative and disruptive business models. Topics 7 and 8 cover the innovation theories, methods and tools supporting entrepreneurs during the different stages of the entrepreneurial journey. The video should be of duration no more than three minutes and the PowerPoint (PPT) presentation of no more than six slides. (ILO: L1, L2, L5).


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