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Question: Evaluating and Redesigning a Dashboard on Global Food Insecurity

25 May 2024,9:14 AM

You will engage with the topic of food insecurity in more detail, particularly focussing on economic, health and agricultural factors. A Tableau public dashboard on Global food insecurity is made available  at

This dashboard looks at all countries and provides a choropleth map of the World, visualising the distribution of different indicators, which can be selected by clicking on the ‘Choose Indicator’ drop-down. The dashboard also presents three trendlines, focusing on agricultural, economic and food insecurity indicators. A list of indicators ( are available at the Open dataset released by the World Bank. You should:

(i) Study the problem – conduct literature review on global food insecurity to understand how different factors affect food security and why it’s important to study the topic

(ii) Access this dashboard and study what visualisations are presented, how they visually encode the data, what kind of interaction mechanisms are employed and what statistics are displayed

(iii) Using this analysis, you should try to contextualise the use of the dashboard in a real-life (simulated) use case via a user profile, user scenario and a description of the decision-making process. You will need to create a user profile and a scenario and align a narrative of the decision-making process with the scenario. 

(iv) Critique the dashboard and provide improvements as redesign/implementation of the dashboard

This dashboard has limitations (usability, layout, colours, applicability etc.) and you will need to identify some of these limitations, and then offer your recommendations in improving the dashboard. 

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