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Question: How Rent Stabilization Impact Cash Flows for Investors and the Economy

15 Nov 2023,5:38 PM


Real Estate & Land Economics

Case Study Topic
How Rent Stabilization Impact Cash Flows for Investors and the Economy
Write a Brief, no more than three to five page paper with one page of references and a print out of the Property Info sheet with rent rolls, (no cover page needed), about the impacts of Rent Control and Rent Stabilization has for Investors and the local Economy.
Use a current Residential Apartment Building of 8 or more Units in the City of Los Angeles, West Hollywood, or Santa Monica, to demonstrate impacts to that particular property, its owners, its renters and the local economy. The property must have current rent rolls listed with current rents.
You can access investment property examples from MLS, Crexi, LoopNet, for Free and/or contact listing agent for the property for details on the property and the rent rolls.
As a reference to Current Available Rents around your chosen property, utilize the Website to discover rents WITHIN 1 mile of your chosen property. Use this info to project what rents could be if owner/investor was able to rent out all units at market rents.

Answer these Basic Questions or Include Your Own:

• What impact does rent control have on the income of the property?
• What impact does rent control on this property have on the investors/owners current and future value?
• What impact does rent stabilization have both positive and negative in the local economy? • What can or are tenants doing to take advantage of rent stabilization and potentially defraud investors/owners?
• What consequences are there for the City, County, State both economically and socially? • What do the differences in State Law with regards to Rent Control and local City ordinances indicate?
• If you owned this property at age 65 and this was your only source of income outside of basic Social Security and pension retirement income, what impacts would rent stabilization have on your retirement long term? What if you lived to past 100 years old?
• What solutions are there to resolve the above issues, if any?

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