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How to Write a Good Research Paper: Step by Step Guide with Examples

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Most colleges, high schools, and universities require students to write research papers for academic purposes. The research papers cover many topics and fields of study, such as global warming. However, the research approaches are similar for the projects' education levels and structural requirements. A failure to write a proper research paper may lead to a loss of marks or lower school rankings. To write a good research paper in 2022, be sure to know the details of every writing step, content, process, and business ethics of writing a research paper. Understanding the research paper and the process of creating it is important.

Definition of a Research Paper

A research paper is an academic text that college students struggle to write for graduation purposes or scholars create to fill research gaps in particular areas of interest. A research paper has a particular structure that other papers do not have. For example, a research paper requires methodologies of research and literature review but essays require research sources that the paper relies on to support the arguments that may exist. Besides, a research paper is longer than an essay paper. Essay writing is easier and takes a shorter time. However, it is also easy to confuse research papers and research proposals.

Research Paper versus Research Proposal

Before you start writing, know that a research paper needs a research proposal, which is different from it in that a research proposal contains information such as a problem statement, hypothesis, outline of the research paper, research questions, process of literature sourcing, and planning of the activities in a research paper. A research paper needs extensive research to accomplish.

  1. Pre-Writing Stage

Research Paper Topic: The First Step Toward Writing Successful Research Papers

A research paper topic is an important element of research papers because it guides the writing process. Unlike essay writing, the topic here must have several sections forming the chapters and require the application of business ethics.

Choose a topic or topic that interests you as a writer but answers the research prompts from the institution of learning. If you have more than one research topic, keep them and choose later when you have understood the whole process and requirements after their research is complete.

Research Paper Writing Process

A successful research project begins by choosing a research topic. From the choice, a student must try to understand and apply in writing assignments for research paper writing to connect the research topic to the intended process.

Familiarize with and Understand the Research Topic, Areas, Ideas, and Concepts

  • Ensure that the concepts and main ideas of the assignment are clear. Familiarity with the research topic makes understanding the needs easy and looking for the right information from academic sources.
  • To familiarize yourself with the research topic, answer the questions that may be in the research question.
  • Seek an answer to whether or not there is a need for clarity in the information you read. If so, follow the instructions and seek attention of the professor.
  • Answering the right question is better than struggling to answer a question that is neither asked nor exists. Accordingly, ensure that the question is clear.
  • What is the assignment goal? Answer it.
  • Are there deadlines and consequences of failing to turn in the research paper in time?
  • Consider and adhere to the length, formatting, and submission method to avoid penalties.
  • Have a flexible writing plan that will keep you on the right track, allowing adequate time for revisions, editing, and proofreading.

You can list the research paper requirements and check them as you proceed to the other levels of writing the paper.

Before you start researching, Check and Find Out Tools that can help find the resources, edit, cite references, organize the paper, proofread, and create a formal research paper structure. The following tools are necessary.

  • Thesaurus and Dictionaries- for definitions
  • Grammar checkers
  • Plagiarism Checkers
  • Citation generators and referencing tools such as Google Scholar
  • Title page Generators
  • Conclusion Generators
  • Data analysis tools, such as SPSS for statistical data
  • Word processor
  • Professor/Instructor/Teacher/Family/Friends/trusted partner programs for reviewing the research paper, editing, proofreading, formatting, etc.

On this note, avoid advertising-supported sites because they may influence the topis and approach of discussion to make money out of the findings and recommendations. However, editorially independent information published in academic sources may be useful for research paper writing, including those backed up by academic evidence. Other editorially independent information based on personal opinion may mislead the research process. Avoid them.

  • The Writing Center. Check if the institution has a writing center to support you in the research process.
  • The Librarians
  • Wikipedia
  • Online Writing Lab Purdue is a writing support system.
  1. Writing Stage

Writing a research paper begins when the writer has understood the research prompt and its requirements.

  1. Choose the Topic

You start researching from here. Were you successful in choosing a suitable research topic? If not, the first research paper step is to have it. Write it down. Do your friends, professor, or acquaintances have better ideas on the approach you should take on the research topic? Start writing the ideas.

  • Ask questions, and you will be amazed at how easy it is to brainstorm on a research topic.
  • Freewriting can also help you identify a question or an area of interest.
  • For example, a research prompt may ask about the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic on the Fourth Industrial Revolution progress. A good research student can ask how the pandemic led to the development of disruptive technologies to combat the spread of the disease.
  1. Conduct a Preliminary Research

A preliminary research process finds out available information in the literature that answers the topic question, adds value, criticizes, or gives a different perspective worth noting. The preliminary research sources can be anything with content that may give relevant information when writing a research paper. Use books, journal articles, newspapers, online newspapers, videos, documentary films, or any other source of information that gives varied perspectives on the particular topic. Websites and reports are also useful. The more information you have, the more your research topic will have answers and content that broaden the thoughts supporting or disputing your approach. Focus on the following: -

  • What issue are the authors focusing on or avoiding?
  • Is there a common theme they overlook?
  • Are their points that authors argue on without a common position/
  • What can you say or how can you approach the areas independent of the information already existing?
  • Has anything changed in the recent past that affect the topic or research in the area?

The preliminary research stage is a perfect opportunity to formulate research questions. Write a research question that answers the questions why, what, and how that you want to know.      

Types of Sources of Information: Primary and Secondary

The preliminary research and attendant research questions further guide the chosen sources.

Primary sources include surveys, interviews, video recordings, statistical data, historical information, and legal documents. Primary sources are original.

Secondary sources contain information that reviews information and data from other research papers and includes books, articles, reviews of films and books, and newspaper articles.   

Assess and Choose the Sources Suiting the Research Topic

Writing a proper research paper demands relevant sources of information. Try as much as possible to skim down the sources of information to a number required and only answer the questions you may have.     

Keep Track of the Information you Collect.

The research paper writing process is long and can be cumbersome. The information read earlier on may be lost. Keep the information you need in a diary or note cards. Bibliography cards are also helpful in documenting the information you may need later in writing.         

  • What is a bibliography card in research paper writing?

A list of sources on cards is numbered to show the note source.

  • What is a note card in research paper writing?

Notes from research data written on a card. Indicate the source of the information and number to help you organize references and facts for writing the research paper.

  1. Organize the Research in a Chronological Manner

Acquiring the resources for use in the research is one step. The next research paper step is to plan the outline of the research paper. Select and categorize the sources according to the level of importance or the topics in a similar manner you write essays.

  1. Develop a Good Thesis or Thesis Statement

To write a research paper, rely on the thesis statement, which guides the issues to prove or disprove in the research paper. Although the early stages of creating the thesis statement may allow a broad approach, give it time because it may change as you research more. A good thesis statement guides you into the writing and analysis of the research paper the way it does when you write essays.

  • Make it precise to avoid confusion of thoughts.
  • Make it coherent for ease of understanding.
  • Make it contentious to have ideas from both sides of the argument and build strong analysis on the same.

Thesis Statement to Create a Strong, Connected, and Practical Outline

A research outline is a skeleton map of the topics and arguments to make. It has the following:

  • Key topics
  • Key points/arguments
  • Evidence to support each argument.

For example, a paper outline for a thesis on an important film producer is below:


George Orson Welles is the best definition of an important film director. His works have stirred the film industry since he actively ventured into directing. An analysis of his three best-directed films, his personal life, the awards and honors, reviews and articles about him, camera work, sound, editing cinematography, and music reveals that his unique taste in film production has been his source of success.

Chapter 1: Orson’s Films between 1950 and 1985

Topic sentence: An analysis of three movies that Orson directed between 1950 and 1985

informs the structure and inspiration and gives leeway to the director's understanding.

Evidence: The famous films she directed between 1950 to 1985, such as Touch of Evil, 1958

and F for Fake, 1973.

Chapter 2: Honors and Awards

Topic sentence 2: Honors and awards indicate the success of the director's works.

Evidence: He received over forty honors and awards since his works began, some

of which have been awarded post-houmous.

Chapter 3: Directing Skills

Topic sentence 3: An analysis of two films by the director reveals his prowess in creating unique directions that set his works apart from the rest.

Evidence: The Trial, 1962 and Chimes at Midnight have the best commendable and loved

films of all time, even by the director himself.

Topic sentence 4: The skillful use and manipulation of editing or montage, cinematography,

special camera effects, and special effects such as stunts, sound, and music, have shaped the

the success of Orson in film directing.

Evidence: The three selected movies.

Chapter 4: Conclusion

Generally, the structure of a paper outline is as follows:

  1. Chapter 1: Introductory paragraph: The statement of the problem, hypothesis, methodology in summary, literature review/theoretical framework used in other research papers, a summary of organization per chapter, and the contents to discuss.
  2. Chapter 2: Background information on the research topic.
  3. Chapter 3: Literature Review
  4. Findings and Discussion.
  5. Conclusion paragraph.

Research paper structures may vary in content in the introduction depending on the course design and subject area of study. See another good example below.







A detailed Research Paper Example of a Research Paper Outline by A Student



Resolving Homicide Cases through Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms


  1. Definition of Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
  2. The types of dispute resolution mechanisms
  3. The effectiveness of dispute resolution mechanisms


  1. Definition of murder and manslaughter as criminal offenses
  2. How courts have been punishing murder and manslaughter offenders
  3. The effects of convictions and jailing on curbing the rates of murder and manslaughter


  1. How the courts have applied Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms in criminal cases
  2. The beyond court systems in criminal cases: why some groups think it is impossible
  3. Focusing on the cases against the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Murder and Manslaughter


  1. Summary of arguments of the court processes and Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanisms
  2. Summary of successful and unsuccessful application to criminal cases and homicide as a whole
  3. Concluding statement
  4. Arguing for the side of the debate that seems right.

After knowing the structure of the paper and writing it down, the next step is to begin the actual writing.




Understand the formatting style that the instructions require. Each institution gives college students the MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago, Blue Book, OSCOLAR, or other referencing styles. Whatever the formatting and referencing style is, list the sources used and documents relevant to the research paper in alphabetical order under the heading of references, as the case may be.


The appendix contains images, maps, documents, and other attachments that the research paper relies on to support the arguments.

Every appendix must be on its page and named accordingly. For example, a statistical map referenced earlier in the research paper will be named "Appendix A" on the page below the reference page. An additional document or image is named "Appendix B" on its page, and so on.

  1. Write the First Draft

The first draft is a combination of ideas and words put together according to the research paper outline. Do not worry if it has mistakes. Not every student has research writing skills.

  • Ensure you stick to the structure and thesis. The logic, too, must be present.
  • Take time and express yourself and your ideas at this stage.
  • Please pay attention to the literature review section because it contains the references and information you need for making the final research paper.

How to Write the Best Literature Review Section of a Research Paper

The literature review section is vital because it informs the research paper's thesis that often seeks to fill existing gaps in research. It also shows the areas that need improvement and gives evidence and support to the subject research paper written. Ensure you have credible sources for this section. Nonetheless, through a research literature review, a student knows the expectations in the findings and discussions sections, justifies the hypothesis, or finds answers to the research questions. Accordingly, do the following to make a proper research paper with a defendable ad useful literature review.

  1. Select the most appropriate literature that supports or illuminates the research topic. Use keywords to search the online academic databases such as EBSCOhost, PubMed, Project Muse, Google Scholar, JSTOR, and similar sites. You can also do a school search in the libraries.
  2. Group the literature according to topics, themes, facts, ideas, or needs.

Pay attention here because it informs critical writing. Understand and note how the gaps relate to one another in each text, the trends, the patterns and themes, conflicts between each author's ideas, opinions, and stances, and the relationship they have to the research topic for the research paper.

  • Focus on the theories, models, or definitions of concepts. Is it thematic, chronological, theoretical, or methodological?
  1. Thematic literature review: what are the themes and their relevance in my research paper?
  2. Theoretical literature review: what are the theories, models, concepts, and definitions?
  3. Methodological literature review: Which is the most suitable research method used across the literary texts that is most suitable for writing the research paper?
  4. Chronological literature review looks at the development or historical approach to the literature, patterns, facts, conflicts, debates, contradictions, and shaping of issues through time.

Whatever the literature review format is needed in the academic writing, ensure that the same makes sense to the writing of the research paper.

  1. Organize, summarize, analyze, and synthesize the information.
  2. Create a paragraph with a topic sentence for the theme or idea, give background information, refer to the source, evaluate, and conclude on the idea. However, the approach to writing the research paper's literature review depends on whether or not the paper is a research project such as a thesis or an essay. A literature review can also be a standalone research paper that must apply in-depth organization and content.
  1. Ensure the Sources/References are present in both the text and the reference page.

This information is self-explanatory. No reference should be on the reference page if it is not in the text of the research paper. The references in the research paper must also be on the reference page.

The note cards come in handy here. Every time you cite a source, note it and include it in the reference list.

How to Cite Source

Use free citation generators such as, Google Scholar,, and similar pages. They make citation easier. You can also make your own essay by citing references easily by following given formats.

  1. Make a Second Draft
    • This draft aligns with the first draft’s format, questions, and vision of writing the research paper and research thesis statement.
    • Substantiate assumptions or justify them.
    • Check if you can rearrange the ideas to give them a better logical sequence according to the thesis statement. Remove any areas, phrases, ideas, parts, sections, or topics that add no value to your research paper.
    • Are there new ideas worth incorporating into the research paper? Do it in the second draft.
  2. Revise, Proofread, Edit, and Format

Carefully read and re-read the research paper, and note and adapt the paper according to the format requirements to earn a good grade.

  • Have you followed all the professor’s instructions?
  • Is the word count within the allowed limits?
  • Are the references according to the formatting style?
  • Are the pages within the allowed limits or exact?
  • Check that there is a logical flow or paragraphs and explanations
  • Are the logical flow and explanations connecting well to the thesis statement? Check and confirm.
  • Confirm that topic sentences make sense to the paragraphs.
  • Remove jargon/technical terms that may confuse or make it hard for the audience to understand the message.
  • Do the sentence structures, grammar, syntax, transitional words, and transitional phrases?
  • Remove typos and words that are lengthy or unnecessary.
  • Consistency is key. Ensure the headings are similar in format and design and there are no spelling mistakes.

The steps above confirm that nobody is perfect at writing research papers.

Writing can be daunting and demanding. Exploit this stage to remove the mistakes that arise from the writing process.

Read the work as if you are grading it yourself. It will help identify all errors, possible issues, and weaknesses that editing, proofreading, and formatting may rectify. Also, consider the school rankings for research papers and note what the professors look for.

Get feedback from other people and incorporate the recommendations. Allow friends, classmates, and the supervisor to review your research paper.

From the above examples, the contents of each part of the research paper are as follows:

  1. Research Paper Introduction: Answers the what, why, and how questions.
  • Ensure that you answer the topic question, give the background information, and define words, theories, or key concepts.
  • Is there any new material or your own opinion based on the research you are offering? What are you answering?
    1. Give a discussion map to manage the audience's expectation of the content after the other.
    2. Write the body per topic identified per the research questions.
  • Follow the research paper outline and thesis statement.

A paper written following the topic sentences makes sense

  1. Do Literature Review
  2. Show the methods/methodology
  3. Show the Findings/Results
  4. Discuss findings/do analysis. Offer explanations.
  5. Show Limitations experienced or that would affect the findings.
  6. Suggest future directions on the subject.
  7. Write the Research Paper Conclusion.
  • Give a sense of finality.
  • Have you settled all the issues in the research questions?
  • Avoid making new arguments
  • Here is a summary only
  • What new questions arise and may require further research?
  • Begin with phrases or words that signal ending of the paper's text such as "In summary," "in conclusion," "in light of the foregoing," and others.

Wait… Before your Submit the Final Paper, confirm that you write a Research Paper with the Following Issues:

Submit your paper for grading, but not so fast. Take the last chance to check everything is in order. Here is a final checklist.

  • I have followed all instructions in the assignment sheet.
  • My introduction engagingly presents my topic and provides necessary background information.
  • My introduction presents a clear, focused thesis statement and research problem.
  • My paper is logically organized using section headings and paragraphs.
  • Each paragraph is clearly focused on one central idea and has a topic sentence.
  • Each paragraph is relevant to my research problem or thesis statement.
  • Here are transition sections, paragraphs, and sentences appropriate to every section.
  • The conclusion provides a concise answer to the research question or emphasizes how the thesis has been supported.
  • My conclusion shows how my research has contributed to my knowledge or understanding of my topic.
  • The conclusion does not present any new points or information essential to my argument.
  • I have provided an in-text citation whenever I refer to ideas or information from a source.
  • I have included a reference list at the end of my paper, consistently formatted according to a specific citation style.
  • I have thoroughly revised my paper and addressed any feedback from my professor or supervisor I had during the research writing stages.
  • I have followed all formatting guidelines (page numbers, headers, spacing, etc.

You can also ask the following questions to reaffirm the above issues from a questioning point of view to ensure that your research writing is successful:

  • Is your research paper unique?
  • Did you proofread and edit the entire paper?
  • Is it formatted properly?
  • Are you ready to turn it in?
  • Does the research paper meet the word count? (A standard page is 275-300 words in double spacing and 550-600 words in single spacing)
  • Does your research paper have a cover page, title page, table of contents, content pages, appendices, and reference pages?
  • Has your research paper followed the outline you developed or provided?
  • Does your paper capture the research topic in your title?
  • Do you have an appropriate thesis statement?
  • Is the thesis well supported throughout the paper?
  • Are all the arguments logically presented?
  • Have you met the objectives of the research paper?
  • Is your paper devoid of plagiarism?
  • Does each paragraph have a topic sentence, background, citations, and closing sentence?
  • Are there transition words or phrases in your paper?
  • If there are quotes, is each cited and formatted correctly?
  • Have you used a formal tone and style in presenting facts?
  • Any unfinished, ambiguous, redundant, or run-on sentences?
  • Have you used any contractions? (Contractions are forbidden in academic writing)
  • Have you mixed long and short sentences?
  • Do the body paragraphs meet the 3Cs of good writing?
  • Is the paper free from errors and omissions?
  • Is the paper free from grammatical mistakes and syntax errors?
  • Are the in-text citations consistent with the formatting styles and the bibliographic entries?
  • Every paragraph conveys a single idea.
  • There is a clear connection between the thesis and the paragraphs
  • Each paragraph has a standard word count of a maximum of 150 words
  • The paragraphs are well-balanced in terms of length
  • The conclusion presents a summary and not new information
  • The document is formatted correctly and revised from the point of view of the maker
  • The paper addresses the feedback and recommendations from the writing assistant or the professor

These instructions, steps, and examples will ensure you write a research paper with a concise, clear, and coherent structure!


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Absolute yes! Even though our writers always submit research paper assignments that adhere to instructions, some changes may be needed. Do not hesitate to request for revisions as many times as possible, provided the requests do not involve new instructions. This service is available to you any time. You can request for revisions immediately after an expert submits your paper or even later. Do not worry about ways to communicate with your expert since our system is integrated to provide this assistance.
4How Does Your Research Paper Writing Service Process Payments?
In a bid to serve customers from all backgrounds, we have a variety of payment methods. Our system accepts PayPal, Payoneer, Remit, Western Union, and several other payment platforms. Select the method that suits your needs and we will be glad to assist you. Given the sensitivity of online payments, it is vital that you keep your financial information secret when order your research paper writing service or any other paper writing service. If you are not sure about any payment method, please contact us immediately. The final price depends on the number of pages and the deadline.
1How Do You Guarantee That Your Research Paper Writing Service Provides Completely Original Papers?
That is a very important question. When you order your paper writing service on our order form, we require our experts to have papers written from scratch. This means that no expert is allowed to consult past papers or use the internet as source of any paper. We monitor our writers to make sure they adhere to this code. Another intervention is about plagiarism checkers. Your research paper assignment will be checked by a dedicated team of experts before we send you the final report. Once you are satisfied, will be glad to assist you with any of your future assignments!
2Do I Need to Pay for My Research Paper Writing Before or After?
Since our research paper writing experts are always on the standby, we ask that you secure your research paper writing services by paying before. But do not worry about prior payments since quality takes precedence. When you pay upfront, we hold the money until the chosen expert completes your assignment. If you are satisfied, we release the earnings to the writer.
3How Do I Choose a Research Paper Writer for My Assignment?
When sending your instructions and uploading files, you can choose writer from our pool of writers the expert you want to handle your research paper assignment, research paper, dissertation or other homework assignment help. Our writers all have university degrees, some are even PhDs and some are current university professors, so they know the academic requirements from A to Z. The writers are highly rated, meaning you will be able to make a choice according to your needs. In case you are not sure, we could assist you in choosing the best research paper writer expert because we consider many factor when hiring writers. Whether you choose or allow us to do that for you, just rest assured that you class assignment will be completed according to your desired results. With Apax Researchers, you don't get just a research paper, you get a high quality paper.
4Does Your Research Paper Writing Service Have Any Features?
Uncountable free features! Our academic papers writing service has exceptional features. First, we offer you free revisions, free outlines, previews, and drafts. Second, privacy and confidentiality are guaranteed during and after our research paper writing service engagement. Third, your assignment assistance experience will be satisfactory because we deliver high quality papers with no plagiarism or grammatical mistakes will be found on it. Instead, everything will be taken care of in a manner that you will like.