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Question: Which human needs theory best helps Jenny to assess Mr. Duran in planning for his care?

23 Jan 2024,12:45 AM


Case Study: Juan Duran
Meet Juan Duran.
Juan Duran is a Mexican American.
He is at Diabetes Clinic at the VA.
He is exceedingly polite and respectful of health care personnel (and does not like to interrupt or ask too many questions).
He has been in the United States more than 50 years; he is a Navy veteran.
Juan is found wandering the hallway.
Juan is wandering around the hallway and is found by Mr. Carlson, the clinical director.

Mr. Duran tells him that he has been instructed to start insulin for his diabetes but doesn’t know how. He doesn’t recall receiving any appointment or instructions.

Mr. Carlson finds the Diabetes Nurse Educator, Jenny O’Connell, and asks her to fit Mr. Duran in for an unscheduled appointment.

Nurse Jenny interviews Mr. Duran.
Nurse Jenny finds out more about Mr. Duran. He:

Is married
Lives in Chula Vista, CA in a comfortable apartment with his wife.
Speaks fluent English, but wife’s English is limited.
Speaks Spanish at home.
Limited vision, wife must administer insulin.
Had one (single) daughter, who was found murdered in the apartment parking lot less than two weeks ago, leaving Mr. and Mrs. Duran to care for her child.
Seems befuddled by the insulin and syringes and is stoic when he talks about the loss of his daughter.
Download the attached transcript for the audio.

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How can we use human needs theories to help Mr. Duran?

Which human needs theory best helps Jenny to assess Mr. Duran in planning for his care?

Choose all that apply.

Dorothea Orem

Betty Neuman

Florence Nightingale

Virginia Henderson


Based on Dorothea Orem’s theory, what additional information would Jenny want to collect/assess? Drag the item to collect/assess to left, to NOT collect/assess to right.




To address Mr. Duran's needs effectively, Jenny O’Connell, the Diabetes Nurse Educator, can use human needs theories as a framework for planning his care. In this case, the most relevant theories include:

  1. Dorothea Orem:

    • Collect/Assess:

      • Mr. Duran's ability to perform self-care activities related to insulin administration.
      • His understanding of the instructions provided for starting insulin.
      • Any physical or cognitive limitations that may affect his ability to manage his diabetes independently.
    • Not Collect/Assess:

      • Information unrelated to Mr. Duran's self-care abilities and understanding of insulin administration.
  2. Betty Neuman:

    • Collect/Assess:

      • Mr. Duran's stress levels, considering the recent traumatic event of losing his daughter.
      • His support system and coping mechanisms.
      • The impact of environmental factors, such as limited vision and language barriers, on his ability to manage his health.
    • Not Collect/Assess:

      • Information that does not directly relate to his psychological and environmental stressors.
  3. Florence Nightingale:

    • Collect/Assess:

      • Mr. Duran's living conditions and how they may contribute to his overall well-being.
      • Any environmental factors in his home that may affect his health, considering his limited vision.
    • Not Collect/Assess:

      • Information unrelated to the impact of the environment on Mr. Duran's health.
  4. Virginia Henderson:

    • Collect/Assess:

      • Mr. Duran's ability to engage in activities of daily living, considering his limited vision.
      • His understanding of the role his wife plays in administering insulin and supporting his health.
    • Not Collect/Assess:

      • Information unrelated to his basic needs and activities of daily living.

Considering Mr. Duran's situation, a combination of these theories may be applied to comprehensively assess and address his physical, psychological, and environmental needs. However, Dorothea Orem's theory, focusing on self-care abilities, seems particularly relevant in understanding Mr. Duran's capacity to manage his diabetes.

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