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Question: You are working as an Operations Management Consultant with BSG Consulting, Qatar.

20 Mar 2023,2:50 PM


Section A:

Vocational Scenario:

You are working as an Operations Management Consultant with BSG Consulting, Qatar. They provide advisory services to many companies in Qatar and the GCC region. Qatar Airways, a leading international airline carrier in the Middle East, whose main source of business comes from its commercial and cargo operations, has requested the advisory services of BSG Consulting, as they expand their cargo operations across a range of industry sectors in Qatar. Qatar Airways has asked BSG consulting to assist them in providing information that will help Qatar Airway’s operations department achieve their overall business objectives in expanding their business across a range of sectors that are of interest to them. The director of BSG Consulting is planning a key stakeholder meeting with Qatar Airways executives and wants you to put together a report that explains in detail the following key points that will serve as part of the advisory to the client going forward on the applied importance of operations management.


Your report must include the following:


  1. Critically analyze the role effective operations management plays in the achievement of tactical and strategic business objectives across a range of sectors.
  2. Discuss the contribution of effective supply chains to the organization.
  3. Justify the impact of effective operations management and the use of operational techniques on achieving objectives in complex and dynamic trading environments at Qatar Airways, making valid recommendations and solutions.
  4. Devise solutions to given operations management problems at Qatar Airways, using a range of techniques and analysis frameworks.
  5. Appraise the use of digital technologies for effective operational performance for Qatar Airways
  6. Critically evaluate, giving evidence-based recommendations to Qatar Airways of the different techniques and analysis frameworks used by operations managers to solve complex problems and drive organizational performance to achieve high operational performance.

Unit Learning Outcomes

LO2 Apply a range of techniques and analysis frameworks used by operations managers to support decision-making and address problems

LO3 Apply the concept of continuous quality improvement in an operational context

LO4 Conduct a strategic risk analysis (SRA) on the operations functions of an organization

Submission Format – Part B

The portfolio should include a review report, continuous quality improvement plan and a strategic risk analysis. This must be written in a concise, formal business style using single spacing and font size 12. You are required to make use of headings, paragraphs, subsections and illustrations as appropriate and all work must be supported with research and referenced using the Harvard referencing system. Please also provide a bibliography using the Harvard referencing system. The recommended word limit is 3000 –3500 words, although you will not be penalised for exceeding the total word limit.


Section B:

Vocational Scenario:


Emirates has for a long time been the number one Middle Eastern airline and has gained international status for its impeccable customer service. It cornered the market in sales, service and the routes it flies pre Covid, its biggest competitor is Qatar Airways, however during the past couple of years, Qatar Airways has invested heavily in retrofitting out an entire fleet of Boeing 747’s and A380’s Business Class Q-Suite designs, additionally they have realigned their operations to be lean, to minimize costs, risks and investing into continuous development and total quality management procesess.  Emirates airlines needs to improve its operational performance so it can be on par with Qatar Airways impeccable operational business model and has now contacted BSG Consulting to provide advisory on the following key areas they need help with. They will require advisory on the range of techniques used to achieve continuous quality improvement additionally to provide a comprehensive strategic risk analysis plan for Emirates Airlines. In you continued role as a senior operations management consultant, you have been asked to produce a portfolio to Emirates Airlines.


The portfolio should cover the following key areas:


  1. Review Report: Evaluate and critique a range of total quality management approaches and techniques within the continuous improvement plan in order for Emirates to achieve its organizational objectives.
  2. Continuous Quality Improvement Plan: Produce a continuous quality improvement plan for Emirates based on its operational activities, that is underpinned by theoretical concepts, that justifies approaches and solutions, with reference to costs, benefits and sustainable performance.
  3. Strategic Risk Analysis: Produce a Strategic Risk Analysis of Emirates Airlines using risk identification and mapping, additionally undertaking a discussion and critically evaluating the role, importance and significance of a Strategic Risk Analysis for Emirates, in the diverse and complex environments they operate in.
  4. Assess a range of contingency plans and strategies available to Emirates Airlines, as it seeks to manage organizational and stakeholder risk.


Recommended Resources

Please note that the resources listed are examples for you to use as a starting point in your research – the list is not definitive.



Recommended Resources



COLE, G. A. and KELLY, P. (2020) Management Theory and Practice. 8th Ed. Andover: Cengage.

JACOBS, F. R. and CHASE, R. B. (2017) Operations and Supply Chain Management. 14th Ed. McGraw-Hill Education.

REID, R. D. and SANDERS, N. R. (2019) Operations Management: An Integrated Approach.

7th Ed. Hoboken NJ: Wiley.

SLACK, N. and BRANDON-JONES, A. (2019) Operations Management. 9th Ed. Harlow: Pearson.



Association for Operations Management (General reference)

Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply

(General reference)

Institute for Supply Management Supply Chain Digest Resources/Education

(General reference)







Vocational scenario

   Organisation :

Qatar Airways, the national carrier of the State of Qatar, is an award-winning airline that has received global recognition for its unparalleled services. In 2013, the airline joined the One world alliance, becoming a strategic partner, and expanding the alliances portfolio of    Middle Eastern carriers. Qatar Airways Group employs more than 46,000 staff worldwide, of which more than 32,000 are airline employees and they seek to consistently make their organizational culture better.


As a part of your own on boarding process as new HR Executive at Qatar Airways , you have been asked to reflect on your own personality and perception to understand how individual differences inform and influence management approaches.

After the on boarding your first assignment is to apply content and process theory to Qatar Airways work environment to maintain an effective workforce. Thereafter you have been asked to do a group task and finally reflect on your contribution to the team task.


In your new role as the HR Executive you are responsible for leading, motivating and developing the team of the employees to ensure consistent delivery on standards, customer service and product knowledge, maximizing the organizational potential and profitability.



Assignment activity and guidance

Part 1 - As a part of the onboarding process at Qatar Airways you have been asked to go through a psychometric test and there after present a personal development plan.

Format: Personality test and PDP

  • Assess your own personality and attributes through a personality test (see link: or that audits your skills and personality traits in terms of them having positive or negative effect on management approaches and company performance. You must add your test results.
  • You must then reflect on the value and importance of personality and perceptions of for effective managerial relationships.
  • Through a self-assessment audit and a personal development plan (use Self Assessment Skills Audit and
  •  PDP Plan attached in the Appendix 1) challenge yourself to adapt to personal perspectives, individual traits and attributes to justify how improvements enhance employee motivation and create an effective workforce.


Part 2- In your capacity as the HR executive you must apply motivation theories to maintain an effective workforce in Qatar Airways

Format: Motivation Plan (Report)

Your first assignment in the company is to provide solutions for addressing low morale, lack of focus and productivity of employees at Qatar Airways. Staff work long shifts, are often dealing with challenging customers and work can be repetitive. They often work in isolation. You must present a motivation plan to the senior management to maintain effective workforce:

  • Apply content (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, Herzberg's Two Factors Theory) and process theories (Adam’s equity theory and Vroom’s Expectancy Theory) of motivation for enhancing and maintaining an effective organizational workforce at Qatar Airways. Specific examples should be part of the motivation plan contextualizing Qatar Airways.
  • Thereafter critically assess how employee motivation can be enhanced and maintained by the implementation of the motivation plan including application of both content and process theories produced for Qatar Airways.

Part 3 – Form a team and participate in a group team activity

Format: Belbin’s Test and PowerPoint presentation


As a team you have been asked to present to senior management to examine how power, politics and culture can be used to influence employee behavior and accomplish organizational goals.

  • Contribute to creation and management of an effective team by taking Belbin’s test and identifying different team roles (see Appendix 2 for Belbin’s test)

             Your group presentation slides should include:

  • The relevance of group behavior and team theory in creation and management of effective team working.
  • After examination, evaluate how the operation of power, politics and culture can effect employee behavior in Qatar Airways and how it impacts the accomplishment of Qatar Airways goals.
  • Make justified recommendations to Qatar Airways on how power, politics and culture can  be used to influence and direct employee behavior at Qatar Airways towards the accomplishment of organizational goals.

Part 4 – Individual Reflection (use Gibbs model)

Format : Individual reflective statement 

  • Refelct on your personal contribution to group behavior and dynamics both in creation and management of effective team working.
  • After reflection of your own contribution to the team work, revise your personal contribution and make justified recommendations for future improvements.






Recommended Resources

Please note that the resources listed are examples for you to use as a starting point in your research – the list is not definitive.


BBC News (2018). Personality Tests. Available at:

Practice Aptitude Tests. Free aptitude tests. Available at:

Forbes (2019) Six Strategies to Maintain Employee Motivation. Available at: https://www. motivation/?sh=738b01481d35


HN Global

HN Global (2021) Reading Lists. Available at: zone/reading-lists

HN Global (2021) Student Resource Library. Available at: https://hnglobal.highernationals. com/subjects/resource-libraries

HN Global (2021) Textbooks. Available at:



Brooks, I. (2018) Organisational Behaviour: Individuals, Groups and Organisation. 5th Ed. Harlow: Pearson

Buchanan, D. and Huczynski, A. (2019) Organizational Behaviour. 10th Ed. Harlow: Pearson

Mullins, L. J. (2019) Organisational Behaviour in the Workplace. 12th Ed. Harlow: Pearson



Assignment Brief and Guidance



Dr Meredith Belbin studied team-work for many years, and he famously observed that people in teams tend to assume different "team roles." He defined a team role as "a tendency to behave, contribute and interrelate with others in a particular way" and named nine such team roles that underlie team success.

You are working for Qatar Airways as an HR Executive who has been asked to produce findings on organisational culture, motivation and influencing others in a group. You are to do a group presentation on the theme allocated by your manager.



The aim of this part of the assignment is to apply the concepts and philosophies of organizational behavior demonstrating your ability to work with others, based upon the understanding of group and group dynamics. Critical analysis on the team development theories will allow an understanding of how to effectively cooperate with others.



1-The class will take a Self-Perception inventory test. (see appendix attached) This test will allow each learner to identify his/her role. Based on the results the class will be divided into teams and each team will demonstrate an understanding of how to cooperate effectively with others in a team thereby applying the concepts and philosophies of organisational behaviour (Tuckman’s and Belbin’s theories):


2-Doing a group activity (Joint presentation) together on Organisational Behaviour


After the above collaborative work


Your Group presentation should include:


  1. Individually-(2 minutes):

1)The result of Belbin’s Self Perception Inventory Test.

2)Your role and contribution to the team work.

3)Reflect on contribution from other team members.


  1. In Group-
  1. Apply concepts (Perception, individual differences, motivation, empowerment, ethics etc  )  and philosophies (autocratic, custodial, collegial, supportive and system ) of organisational behaviour within Qatar Airways to observe the impact on business performance and productivity.
  2. A testimonial explaining what made them an effective or ineffective team. Explain factors that were instrumental in your team effectively achieving its objectives and identify those aspects which threatened successful achievement and cohesive group work.






In your Individual Report on Team Behavior, you should:



  1. Critically analyze and evaluate Tuckman’s and Belbin’s theory (team development theories), concept and philosophy in the context of the workplace and how it influences behavior to increase business performance and productivity.





Checklist for your submission:

  1. Case study on Qatar Airways on Culture, Politics, Power and Motivation
  2. Belbin Self-Perception Inventory Test
  3. Presentation slides (group and individual)
  4. Report on Team behaviour




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