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Question: You have recently been employed in the ‘job of your dreams’ for a global multinational firm(Goldman Sachs).

14 Mar 2023,3:10 PM


You have recently been employed in the ‘job of your dreams’ for a global multinational firm(Goldman Sachs). Like all new employees, you are desperate to impress. You have quickly realised that the current leadership is not effective and whilst you believe you have the answer, you will need to convince your colleagues. Your boss, knowing that you have just completed a (superior!) leadership course, has asked you to prepare a proposal for a short seminar for your peers, managers & subordinates on this very issue. The objective is to show your understanding of the current leadership theory and how it applies to your current firm whilst also convincing your colleagues to implement your proposed changes. You have been specifically requested to:

1.Choose two leadership theories from the list most suitable for Goldman Sachs. One theory should outline the current leadership & the second theory is one that you believe the firm should adopt. You should cover

Characteristics of the two theories
Why you chose them & why they are applicable to your firm (ie why the need to change?)
How the current situation of the firm has affected your choice
How a change in theory (or not ie stay the same) may affect future outcomes
2.Outline your proposed objectives, tools, activities and outcomes. These must be specific. Egs:

Short multimedia aids (details of Film/TV or YouTube clips with exact timings)
Specific (individual or group) activities with proposed follow-up questions and answers
Expected outcomes
3.Feedback, Measurement & Pushback – how would you specifically get feedback & measure the success of your seminar as well as pushback in order to report back to your boss.

Prepare a Business Proposal/Outline to run a Leadership Seminar
It should consist of 4 parts (with your Boss as the Target Audience)

Part 1 (approximately 400 words - maximum)
Brief outline of your new firm, provide some context as well as introduce the two leadership theories you are proposing (ie the firm’s current leadership theory and the proposed leadership theory) This section should provide rationale ie why you have chosen the two leadership theories and why the current situation needs to change

Part 2 (approximately 1000 words)
A full description of the seminar including structure, tools, activities and outcomes. It should contain a detailed description of how you will ensure your audience understands the two leadership theories, why you have chosen them & how they are applicable to the firm

Part 3 (approximately 200 words)
This section should compare & contrast the outcomes/implications of the two chosen leadership theories, detailing insights and learnings (one if the firm stays the same and one if they change). You will be expected to review how the chosen leadership framework may affect an organisation’s results - drawing from course knowledge, assigned readings & a broad range of academic literature.

Part 4 (approximately 200 words)
This section should cover feedback, measuring success and outline the expected pushback that you will receive (from those who don’t like change) and how you would handle it.

Students are expected to research their chosen company (& its leadership) in depth
The assignment is a written business proposal (but no executive summary is required)

Theories list: Leader-member exchange theory (LMX) theory.The contingency theory of leadership. Implicit leadership theory (ILT). Transctional leadership theory, transformational leadership theory. Transformational leadership theory.

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